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In another time, or place...

Post by Nathan Dayspring on Wed Nov 11, 2015 7:58 pm

You get used to the cold showers. The steam tries to remind you. The way it fills the air around your head like gnats in a swamp.  The way it fogs the mirrors and windows, painting the glass with a quickly fading memory of heat. Fuck the steam. You get used to half of your body being a faux-metal flesh eating virus. But it never stops sucking all of the heat out of the water. Fuck the steam.

Everyone is too comfortable. Comfort is as terrifying as it is satisfying. I have never met a soldier that was able to be comfortable for long. Scott is too comfortable. For the first time in the lives of these mutants, humanity seems to accept them. Acceptance seems really good at first, but these kids should know better. There is a reason people didn’t trust us for as long as they haven’t. Someone is about to remind them.

Scott isn’t doing well. There is something wrong about exploiting my father’s emotional turmoil, but he isn’t the only one suffering. A guy that has lost everything is very easy to push to take from others. I don’t need the leader of the X-Men. I need a different Scott. I need the hardened Scott, the darkened Scott. We need the X-Force Scott.
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