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Darkholme: Time Assassin

Post by Darkholme on Thu Nov 12, 2015 1:26 am

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Cuenca, Spain
Hideout location of Earth 295's Jesse & Terry Aaronson

Battleworld.  Many know the story of the multiverse colliding and sending people from all over the multiverse and crash landing them here in this new world.  But that is where most people's knowledge of the events that took place end.  We haven't found out what happens to the 'other Earth's'.  For Kurt Darkholme, an X-Man from Earth 295, he was there first hand with the experience.  The last time anyone saw the man known as 'Darkholme' he was sacrificing himself into a portal to close the timestream and stop the evil of Earth 295 from corrupting Earth 616 and that was exactly what he did... Until, Battleworld.  The shattering of time and space ripped Darkholme from between both worlds and spit him out in this new world.  What happened next became Kurt's biggest fear.  People he had killed in Earth 616... people that deserved to die, were alive once again.  The fragile state of time and space twisted and spun Earth 295 like a snow globe and then threw it against the wall and if that wasn't enough, the existence of Kurt between two Earth's ripped a momentary singularity wormhole between Earth 295 and the new Earth that he was dropped off onto.  During the time this wormhole was open, many refugee's from Earth 295 escaped into our world to escape the apocalyptic wasteland they had lived in.  However, many of them don't deserve happiness, or breath in their lungs.  This is where Darkholme comes in to play.

Perched on the top of one of Cuenca's 'hanging houses', Kurt watches in the moonlit sky across the street in to the hideout home of Terry and Jesse Aaronson.  The darkness of the night has made Kurt completely invisible to the naked eye as he peer's in silence.  On Earth 295, The Bedlam brothers were a part of The Elite Mutant Force.  The 'EMF' was a strike team of mutants from powerful bloodlines who worked for Mr. Sinister in the assistance of genocide and global domination.  They are responsible for deaths of close friends of Kurt's, they will soon be laying in their own blood.

From inside the hideout house of the Bedlam's, Kurt can see Jesse and Terry in the living room, watching tv, having a beer and enjoying a laugh.  They were happy and at peace mutants on a new Earth, hiding from their past like a Nazi in hiding.  Darkholme was not laughing and not at peace.  Not until every last escapee rots in the ground.

Kurt was wearing his grey and black stealth suit from his time on X-Force with his cutlass strapped to his back.  His red facial tattoo, the only bright spot of color in a constant haze of shadow.


In a puff of purple smoke, Darkholme teleported across the street as he reappeared on all fours, clinging to the exterior wall of their home as he quietly pried open their living room window like a ninja with a life of experience to show off his skills.

When the wormhole dragged Darkholme back to life, his powers were adjusted in a strange way.  He believes due to being 'between two worlds', his powers had some sort of identity crisis.  Before Battleworld, Darkholme's teleportation worked by quickly porting to the demonic realm of limbo and appearing back on Earth but in a different location that was within eyesight.  Now however, on his exit from limbo, Kurt is able to pick which Earth he wants to arrive in.  He still lands in the same spot on either Earth that he decides.  This has allowed him to hunt and gather intel on the escapee's from BOTH Earth's.  

Darkholme peeked inside the building from the window and saw both brothers hanging out in a large cathedral living room with the main source of lighting coming from a glass chandelier overhead.  Within a blink of an eye, Kurt flipped in through the window, contorting his small agile frame through the small window and launching his cutlass through the air, striking the chandelier and sending it crashing to the ground in a massive smash of glass with now only the moonlight lighting the room as both brothers scream in pure fear.

"Who's there?!  We can pay you.  Just leave us alone!"  Jesse calls out as all they can see is a darting shadow through the moonlight.  "Remember tonight Jesse.  For I have not slept for weeks, waiting for this moment."  Kurt said as he rushed towards Jesse, leaping through the air and kneeing Jesse in the bridge of his nose full force, sending him flying backwards as blood began dripping from his nostrils with a broken nose.  "Darkholme?!  You're supposed to be dead."  Terry said as Kurt began slowly walking towards him.  "That would be too easy mein fruend.  I need your last whisper to be heard."  He said as he kneeled down, picking up his cutlass from the glass covered floor.  "Well, we all cant get what we want."  And with that, Terry released his mutant power of mind static as Kurt began staggering towards Terry.  "Quick! Jesse!"  Terry called out to his injured brother as Jesse staggered up to his feet and both brothers charged Kurt from both sides.  Kurt felt as if he had vertigo, the entire room was spinning, he couldn't manage coherent thoughts.  It was survival mode.  He lashed out with his cutlass, slashing Terry's forearm as Jesse shoulder checked the much smaller Kurt from behind, knocking the cutlass from his grip and sending him face first into the broken glass on the floor.

Pulling himself up with all the effort he could muster, Kurt rose to his feed with small superficial bleeding cuts across his front side.  "Why don't you just give up Darkholme?  You couldn't take us out back in the day.  What makes you think you can now?"  Terry asks, holding his cut forearm.  Kurt raises his three fingered hands into fighting position.  "I can't live knowing you people won."  


In a puff of smoke, Kurt appears in the air above the brothers and drops down with a drop kick into the shoulderblades of Jesse, dropping him face first into the ground and as he spins for Terry, he is met with a massive haymaker into his right eye as Kurt falls backwards and ninja rolls back to his feet with a now swollen pink eye. Darkholme charges again but is intercepted by Jesse who tackles his legs, dragging him to the floor as Terry runs in and begins stomping Kurt's chest and face with steel toed boots. With Jesse now able to hold on to Darkholme, he also begins using his mutant ability as well as he begins Kurt to lose all function of his body. As Kurt begins to feel all control leaving himself, he takes another strong kick to the face, knocking a molar tooth out of his mouth as he looks toward the window he entered from and his tail wraps around the handle of his cutlass.


With that, Terry stomps down through purple smoke as Kurt dissapears from the home. "Where is he?!" Jesse calls out as he runs over to a wall mounted light and flicks it on. The house is empty and the Bedlam brothers quickly begin plans to back their things and get away.

Three blocks away, Kurt appears from a cloud of smoke in mid air and goes careening through the air from about twenty feet up, landing in a back alleyway behind a restaurant's dumpster. His ribs cracked, face swollen and body covered in blood. The teleport took the last of his strength and he succumbs to Jesse and Terry's powers and passes out on the pavement.

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