Packed Apartment

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Packed Apartment

Post by Hank McCoy on Mon Nov 09, 2015 3:35 am

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Hank McCoy, Bobby Drake & Bobby Drake's Apartment (Yea that's right)

On the fourth floor of a slightly rundown apartment complex lives 'Iceman' Bobby Drake. Atleast, he is the lease holder. However living with him is his time traveling younger self along with his time displaced best friend, Hank McCoy. Needless to say, the last eight months have been odd.

Inside the bedroom/lab of Hank McCoy's, all that can be seen is the silhouette of Hank's massive body sitting at his desk as he is lit up by several computer monitors as he is crunching calculations at a furious pace while also swapping to one monitor that is dedicated to an instant message chat with his girlfriend Jean Grey.

Hank spent years burying himself in his studies, too afraid to ever share his feelings with Jean. But when a slip in Jean's newly acquired telepathy gave the secret away, it opened up for romance and love that Hank never thought he would find. Although he wishes he could be complete with having the girl of his dreams, many issues remain. First and foremost that he has spent the past 68 hours on without sleeping has been the research towards the help of his blue furry future self who is very unhealthy and consistently going through more and more mutations that are wrecking havoc on his body. He can't let his older self suffer when there's a chance that two versions of his brain can actually crack the case. All that is needed is concentration...

"Focus Bobby!" The older Iceman calls out and makes Hank jump in his seat and mistype his last equation. Hank, without looking, just yells to his bedroom door. "Can you keep it down?! I'm trying to concentrate." He said shaking his head as he takes his glasses off and rubs the bridge of his nose and gives his eyes a moment of rest from the screen glare as he reaches to the keyboard to type Jean a message. 'Who convinced me to live with TWO Bobby's?' Before a response could be seen, Hank's door is swung open with both Bobby's standing in the door way both in human form. The young Bobby is sweating and out of breath as the older Bobby speaks up. "Hey Hank, Why don't you get off that computer and come hang with us for a bit? Or maybe get some rest buddy?" Hank, still not making eye contact and typing another long line of math across his monitors responds. "I'd just appreciate some silence. What are you hooting about in the living room anyway?" Young Bobby smiles as he catches his breath. "Bobby's trying to teach me how to focus my frost crystals to make the ice form that he can do. It's super difficult. I'm kinda embracing being snowboy at this point." Bobby said trying to get a chuckle out of Hank. "Alright bud, lights on...." The Older Bobby said as he flicked the light on to be met with the entire room filled with Bamf's hissing at them! Young Bobby falls backwards onto his butt and the older Bobby jumps backwards. "Holy crap! I forgot the Bamfs were even living here! Do they just sit invisible in the shadows of our apartment at all time? Gahhhd thats creepy!" One particular Bamf, named Pickles jumps up onto Hank's right shoulder as Hank spins around in his chair. "They're not creepy, they are just very particular in who they enjoy spending time with." He says as he rubs the top of Pickles head with a singular massive finger as the two Icemen stand in confusion of what to say. "Alright, fine. You got me. Let's hang out, I could probably use a break from my research." Hank said as he stands up from his chair and the Bamfs scatter into the shadows. Both Icemen elbow eachother as Young Bobby makes his way into the living room to turn on the PS4.

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