Boys Town, Omaha Nebraska

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Boys Town, Omaha Nebraska

Post by Scott Summers on Mon Nov 09, 2015 7:36 pm

A small unincorporated town on the outskirts of Omaha; Population 745. 746 if you look closer, or underground. A town created entirely to house young men, who were abandoned, addicted to drugs, or who were just left to a fate that would break weaker minds. It seemed a wonderful place for a man like Scott Summers to call home. Scott was left orphaned by his parents in a plane accident, and separated by his only known brother that same day. He may have been re united with two out of three of his family members, but a father figure growing up, he never had. Cyclops was raised by father determination, and mother hatred. His story quickly turned to that of bigotry and fear, as the only father he knew, Charles Xavier, entered his life and showed him how to utilize his strengths, and be o.k. with who he was. (Emma always like who he was....) The greatest trick he learned from Charles Xavier? How to lie to yourself and everyone around without hesitation, and to always make sure the ends justify the means. (He never lied to Emma....)

But the heart of every story, lies in the middle. The years that truly made Scott who he is today. This same town...

In one of the many places that Scott's heart wanted to find love (Jean... Emma....Remember Scott..), he found nothing but deceit and corruption. This town, promised to show Scott everything he ever wanted. A family, and love. Instead, at the hands of Nathaniel Essex, Mister Sinister, he was tortured, brain washed and beaten; But Scott Summers never broke. Scott Summers never breaks, he is crafted by pieces, pieces can never break, only shatter into smaller parts. He only ever grew, and evolved. He only ever shed emotions, and build defenses. Eventually, Scott Summers found his way out. He plotted his way out of a fortress build on an island in his own mind. He cawed his way to sanity, and freedom..... and never looked back.

Until now.; For 8 Months Cyclops has been using this entire town as a secret base of operations. While his 'Avengers' bases in New York City, San Diego, and Austin, financed by Sunspot, was his public face; Scott did all his real work here. When Scott lost Emma (Emma always enjoyed trips to the Jersey Shore......Focus) and 'Saved' The world, he knew he had to capitalize on his fame to save the mutant race in the public eye. His plan backfired, and on the backs of other mutants, Scott rose up. Instead of knocking himself back down, he ran with the fame, and used his new connections to keep the mutant race alive. Hidden, but in control. Scott put a mole in every major task force team in North America, and Europe. He controlled the Avengers, the public X-Men, Alpha Flight, parts of the Captain Britain Corps, a share in A.I.M., A few spies in The Inhumans and had a hand in most larger governments, and businesses. Little got by that wasn't at one point an idea behind the ruby quartz.

Truth be told, Scott hadn't stepped foot outside of this underground facility in months. His brother, Alex Summers, had taken over most of his job functions outside of AIM, and Sunpots Avengers, since he lost his wife (Second wife... The Phoenix remembers....). The two hadn't even spoken in days. Scott trusted Alex more than anyone else in the world, and lately, he didn't ever trust him with his bank account. With Roberto controlling A.I.M. and the Avengers, and a mole on Storms team, Scott had no reason to bother the outside world. All he needed was his mind. Those blasts that could crush mountains, and topple buildings? Those were just for show. Only the weak rely on their strengths. (The whole world can become the enemy when you lose what you love.)

As Scott was drifting off into his own mind, due to a mixture of depression, pressure, and some good old fashion insomnia, he heard an alert go off. It was of his A.I. program.

'Slim, you have an incoming call from Madrox 847. Respond?'

Scott was woken up by the voice of Jean Grey, or the closest Forge could get to it. 'Go ahead Red. Yes Madrox, what is it?' Scott had created duplicates of Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man, to do most of his recon work. With Jamie off the radar, the rumor is that Scott did it without his permission, using mental blockers to stop Jamie Prime from interfering, but.. that's just a rumor. 'We have an alert near you, old Purifiers com station I've been locked on to, literally my sole purpose since being created, pretty sad life if you ask me, which I doubt you will...' Scott cuts him off. "What is it Madrox? I don't have time for this, make it worth your time, or your new sole purpose will be to monitor Forearm, and his actions." Madrox gasped. "Is that the guy who can just grow two more arms.... Ok Ok Ok, the information. We got a priority alert of an incoming in your area." "And who is it?" Madrox hesitated. "They say... it's you Scott. And you were looking slim...."

'Scott?.... Scott? Please advise?..... He left didn't he? Who am I even talking to right now...."

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